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All our Workshops are now available as online courses. This means you can take part in our training from anywhere at anytime.

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Creating Communities: Asset Based Community Development.

  • A comprehensive overview and introduction to community building through ABCD.
  • An opportunity to discover the power of ABCD in building and changing your community.
  • ABCD creates change by looking at what’s strong. not wrong.
  • A powerful approach to building connected, strong, vibrant and dynamic communities.
  • This course will change how you view your community and show you the hidden power of community.

Creating Communities: Safe Places

  • Create a safe place and lower crime by building strong community and implementing practical security measures.
  • The course outlines simple strategies and techniques to lower crime.
  • A proven approach based in both Assets Based Community Development (ABCD) and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Top Teams: Talent Quest

  • Uncover the skills, strengths, passions, gifts and knowledge of your team.
  • Discover unrecognised strengths and skills.
  • Build a team based on discovered strengths.
  • Mobilise strengths to maximise business opportunity.
  • This course will assist both managers and their teams to discover untapped resources.

Top Teams: Built on the Rock

  • Top Teams just don’t happen they take work.
  • Build on the strengths of your team to innovate for the future.
  • Create a team with resilience and longevity.
  • Building Teams and creating organisational change.
  • A course using the change management approach of Appreciative Inquiry to build for the future.

Top Teams Bundle:

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Why SWOT When You Can SOAR?

  • Introducing a Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results (SOAR) tool to replace a SWOT.
  • An alternative planning and analysis tool with real power.
  • Reconsider threats and weaknesses as opportunities.
  • A strengths based approach to planning.
  • SOAR: a perfect tool for the new normal.
  • A course to help you move to meet the challenges and opportunities of the new normal for your business or organisation.

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